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Physics Department

Complesso universitario di Monserrato
SP Sestu-Monserrato km 0.7
I-09042 Monserrato (CA), Italy

Cagliari Astronomical Observatory

Località Poggio dei Pini
Strada 54
I-09012 Capoterra(CA), Italy

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Prof. Nichi D'Amico

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Nicolò D'Amico (Nichi) is Chair Professor of Astrophysics at Cagliari University, in Sardinia (Italy). He is also Director of the Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT) Project, and leader of the Italian Pulsar Group, founded in Bologna and now based in Cagliari

I am interested in searching and studying neutron stars and exploit their observational properties to probe gravitational theories, stellar evolution, and ultra dense matter. In my Country I have set up a pulsar observing system at the Northern Cross radio telescope, near Bologna, where I have carried out a pulsar search experiment with high sensitivity to the limiting spin period of neutron stars. Since many years I have been mostly engaged in the development of several pulsar search experiments at Parkes, in Australia, in collaboration with Dick Manchester and Andrew Lyne. Among the milestones which were established with such experiments, it shows up the discovery of the highly relativistic binary pulsar PSR 0737-3039, which turned out to be also the first ever known Double Pulsar, and it is considered one of the pulsar astronomy holy grails. In the context of these experiments, I have trained several PhD students, including Marta Burgay and Andrea Possenti, which are now staff members of my research group in Cagliari. I am in charge of the SRT project since 2006.

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